5 Tips to Clear Out Your Couponing Inventory




If you are a married couponer like me, you have heard these phrases from your spouse before (I know I have!). I hate to admit it, but sometimes they are right. I tend to find a good deal and jump on it regardless of how much I have in my inventory.

There comes a time in every couponer’s life when we need to clear out space. Personally, I do it regularly. It keeps my husband happy and gives me room to stock up on other awesome deals!

These are my 5 best tips by on what to do when [you think] you’ve bought all you can buy.

Actually use your Inventory

Come on…you know what I mean. If you are anything like me, you have bought all you can buy. You name it, I have it in my stockpile right now. The key is finding a way to use it,meaningfully.

I found a great deal at Target on AXE gift sets and now they are a staple birthday gift from me throughout the year. Thanks to Kroger, my deep freezer is stocked with enough chicken for 10 Thanksgivings.

But it’s not about gathering deals, it’s about effectively using the materials we find. I have found it is great to make a weekly meal menu to help find a way to use all the items I have. It gives me the chance to cook up new and interesting things for my family too.

If you examine the contents of the freezer and pantry you can build menus for the entire week and optimize what you already have in the house. This will also lower your weekly out-of-pocket cost and make space for even more deals!


Make Christmas baskets

The holidays always bring the best deals of the year – which means a ton of additional inventory. To make room for it all, I like to make gift baskets and give them away as Christmas gifts.

This past year I had a ton of make up, creams, and perfumes in my inventory. So, I bought baskets from Michael’s for 70% off and filled them up with the extra items. I was able to get my Christmas shopping done for a fraction of the cost!

Coupon Gift

Be a fairy (yes, a fairy!)

We currently live in an apartment building, meaning I have dozens of neighbors within a few short steps. When I find a REALLY good deal, I tend to buy a lot (all of it). When this happens, I end up with too much, so I’ll leave gift boxes on my neighbor’s front steps. Who wouldn’t want to come home and find Weatherby dog treats, toothpaste, toilet paper, and packs of rice?Anything that can’t be of help to you, can be of tremendous help to someone else.

Fairy Couponing

Start a donation box

If you have FREEBIES cluttering the bottom of the pantry or closet, you might want to consider putting together a donation box. Fill it with items that can benefit the local food pantry or homeless shelter. There are always people in need who can benefit from what we find for free.

I know it can be tough letting go of those items items that you scored such a great deal on, but those items also make donations! Things like rice, canned goods, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner can truly go a long way to helping the needy.


Care packages for the homeless

My group does packages for the homeless. We take gallon size Ziploc bags and fill them with bar soap, gummy snacks, packs of crackers, toothpaste, and deodorant. These are all things that we get for little to nothing out-of-pocket that can go a long way to other helping other people.

Do Giveaways

These are just a few examples of how to utilize your stock, how to rotate your stock, and how to make use of things that you have in your house. Why would you do that? To make space for more deals!

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