I hit the mother lode of markdowns at Kroger yesterday!!!




So, yesterday afternoon, I ran into Kroger to quickly see what Back to School Deals they might have available (see all the Back to School Deals I found here). While I was there, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to walk the perimeter of the store to see if I could find any markdowns.

For those of you who don’t have a Kroger or Kroger affiliate store, Kroger is a large retail grocery store chain that is well-known for offering great weekly in-store sales and clearance prices.

Every store is different, but most stores are pretty generous in how they will mark down soon-to-be expiring dairy products, produce, bakery products, and meat. You never know what you will find and it often feels like a Treasure Hunt… going throughout the store looking for the yellow clearance tags!

I Found the Mother Lode of Markdowns at Kroger

It’s often hit or miss on what you will find and yesterday was most definitely a HIT day! In fact, had I had more time, I probably could have found quite a few more deals. (Watch my video here yesterday where I shared all about these deals and my excitement in getting them and more details on how I plan to use some of these items!)

I first spotted the meat and bread deals and was so excited about that. I plan to use the meat in crockpot meals or as a stovetop hash (we’ll likely add potatoes or sweet potatoes, onions, and maybe carrots and then cook in the crockpot or on the stovetop) and I’ll freeze the bread to use as buns for sandwiches and as bread to accompany dinner. Yum!

I Found the Mother Lode of Markdowns at Kroger!!

Then, I saw flowers for $1!!!!! I’ve never seen flowers marked down that much EVER. And I may have done a happy dance right there in Kroger! ?

I Found the Mother Lode of Markdowns at Kroger!!

I was scanning the dairy section to see if I saw any yellow stickers… and I saw one yogurt marked down and then saw another and another… and I just kept finding them marked down!!

My kids absolutely LOVE Greek yogurt and we go through so much of it that I was thrilled to find all of these — all marked down to $0.19 to $0.49 each. A few of them were a little interesting flavors, so I just bought a few of those (but I had one of the Cherry Beet yogurts today and it was actually really good!)

I Found the Mother Lode of Markdowns at Kroger!

I usually have to sort of put limits on how many yogurts they can eat a day, but since I bought 40 yogurts that need to be eaten up in the next week, I’m raising all the limits on yogurt eating for a week! And the kids were SO excited about that!!

The only item I bought that was not marked down was half & half. Because we were out and I use it every day in my coffee… so it was kind of a necessity! ?

I found the mother lode of markdowns at Kroger!

All the groceries pictured were just $31.38 total! I was stoked… and it inspired me to be more intentional about taking a little time to run into stores regularly and check for markdowns. Because it kind of feels like you won the lottery or something! Getting great deals on items that you love and that are in your budget = pure thrill!

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