Not So Petty Cash



an empty pant pocket that is not able to carry cash

In today’s day and age why would anyone need any cash at all – let alone practically use it as carry on luggage at the airport? Let me carry on a bit about how important it can be to carry cash on hand at all times.

Cash Catch-all

Building on a previous post ($20 Break), I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the many reasons that $20 cash might come in handy.

For example: getting cash discounts, making untraceable purchases, splitting a bill, tipping, paying tolls, dodging fees (i.e. ATMs), avoiding credit card issues (i.e. denied), giving donations, budgeting, accessing cash-only venues (i.e. vending machines), funding short-term emergencies, and avoiding credit card fraud.

Cash and Carry

Personally, I can think of a few pickles I’ve been in (or times I’ve been tickled pink) where this $20 saved the day.  The best example was when I was visibly pregnant and trying to catch a plane, but desperately needed a snack.  The Starbucks line was knee deep so I cut to the front, quickly left a $5 bill on the counter, grabbed a banana, made eye contact to ensure an agreement was made, and flashed a guilty smile as I dashed away to make my connection.

Cash Clash

According to an article published by Bankrate, 9% of people go about their day cashless; while petty, I hope this post inspires them to ready for their next cash-only moment!

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