From (Retch) Rags To Riches



a white diaper rag on a black background

Want to know about my best baby time-saver used around the home? Join me in this adult-version of hide and seek with the diaper rag as your playpal!

Seeing that I’m 39wk pregnant as I write this post … babies are on my brain and I’m actively equipping our house to welcome a new one!  Although it’s been 4yr since an infant has joined us, I remember one thing:  there will be lots (and lots and lots) of spit-up.  My trick to a quick clean-up is a hidden burp cloth strategically concealed under every mattresses, couch cushion, floor basket, rug corner, etc. That way whenever the eruption occurs, I have a diaper rag within reach and don’t have to waste my time – which is my $ – getting up to retrieve one.  Plus, the added time saved also helps me get to that spew before it soaks into fabric or other materials … extending the length of my possessions.  So, no more excuses – well, except to eventually teach the lil’guy how to say “excuse me” after his burps when the time is right!

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