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Park Sleep Fly Coupon Codes for May 2016

Welcome to our list of the best Park Sleep Fly coupons for February 2016. These deals are checked weekly to ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest discounts – all of these coupon codes will be up to date and working. We want you to be able to save as much as you can and make your holiday more convenient through Park Sleep Fly, at a lower price!

Park Sleep Fly
makes the start and end of your trip as easy as possible, so that you can travel anywhere with ease. Essentially, theycombine long-term car parking (for the duration of your trip) with a hotel stay and a shuttle to the airport, allowing you to rest easy before your big trip. At times, it can seem that they are a little pricey for what is basically a one night stay in a hotel – this is where our coupon codes will help you out. You can start your holiday or business trip with all the convenience offered by the Park Sleep Fly service, at a significantly reduced price thanks to these coupons. What have you got to lose?


How to use Park Sleep Fly Coupons

Promo codes and coupons are great, but they can be a little difficult to use. Every website is different, so the promo code box is generally hiding in a different place. This quick guide will tell you where to put the promo code in and how to apply it, meaning you won’t miss out on a good discount.

Once you decided when and where you’d like to stay, the reservation summary will pop up as you go to the checkout. It will tell you how long you’re staying, what kind of suite you have, and the nights of parking you have requested. It also informs you the total cost, along with the sum you will have to pay at the hotel and the sum you pay now. Below these totals is a small link saying “Have a coupon code?”. Click on this, and your promo code box will appear. Simply type in the promo code from this site, click apply and voila! You have just given yourself a great discount on Park Sleep Fly’s services.

A Little Background Info on Park Sleep

Park Sleep Fly was created in 2002 to make things a little easier for frequent travelers, and as such, they are all about their customers. They release frequent coupon codes to get you discounts, and are happy to help with any issues you may have.

Their services include free cancellations on your reservations, as well as not having to pay the total sum upfront – you pay when you arrive at the hotel and park your car. Packages are arranged by them and are exclusive to the company, often getting you discounts by using a certain combination of endorsed companies and hotels.
parksleepfly - how it works
The premise of Park Sleep Fly is simple: they combine your wish for car security while you travel with accommodation and transport to the airport. You can park your car in the hotel car park, having the knowledge that it is secure at a lower price than an airport would charge, and you can book accommodation in the town of the airport for when you leave and return.

This takes the rush and stress out of departing from and returning to a town which is not your hometown, as well as saving you money that may have been spent on getting a taxi or other form of transport. Overall it’s an efficient system that receives positive feedback from many of its customers.

Park Sleep Fly on the Web:

Though Park Sleep Fly does have a range of social media pages, they are not updated regularly. They are fairly unresponsive to Facebook posts, but their official Twitter account is a little better. The best way to get in contact appears to be their customer service helpdesk, which has an email address you can contact. Although at times their posts on social media may be useful and relevant, much of the time they simply repost links from other websites, with little that is applicable to their business. Twitter seems to be the most frequently used, but it may be hard to find relevant content.

Best Park Sleep Fly Coupons Right Now:

Mother’s Day Exclusive: Save 20% Off Deposit at Parksleepfly!

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Use this coupon code to save 20% off your deposit at This promotion is valid until May 13th.

Spring Sale: Save 15% Off Your Deposit

CODE:             MAY15

Save 15% off your deposit at Parksleepfly when you use this discount code. This promotion is valid until May 31st.

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